‘Once’ and Always, A Legitimate Nominee

Though there was doubt over the legitimacy of Once‘s best song nomination for “Falling Slowly”, last night the covers fell from the eyes of the Acadamy’s music branch and at an emergency meeting it was decided to place it back on the ballots. The reason for the initial doubts over the song’s nomination arose over the fact that it had been played at several venues prior to the film’s release, or even completion. However, in a statement from the Acadamy, the reason for their decision to allow the nomination to go ahead is explained:

“The Academy’s music branch executive committee has met and endorsed the validity of “Falling Slowly” as a nominated achievement. The committee relied on written assurances and detailed chronologies provided by songwriter of “Falling Slowly,” the writer-director of “Once” and Fox Searchlight.

The genesis of the picture was unusually protracted, but director John Carney and songwriter Glen Hansard were working closely together in 2002 when the project that became ‘Once’ was discussed. ‘Falling Slowly’ began to be composed, but the actual script and financing for the picture was delayed for several years, during which time Mr. Hansard and his collaborator Marketa Irglova played the song in some venues that were deemed inconsequential enough to not change the song’s eligibility.”

According to Mr. Bernstein, the reason the performances were deemed to be inconsequential was that they only occured within Europe, therefore giving the song no additional advantage or influence in this set of awards.

“Falling Slowly” now goes on to compete against “Raise It Up” from August Rush, and “Happy Working Song”, “So Close” and “That’s How You Know”, all of which appear in Disney’s latest triumph, Enchanted.

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