Omar Coming!: Michael K. Williams to Star in ODB Biopic ‘Dirty White Boy’

Those who have seen his work as Omar Little on The Wire or as Chalky White on Boardwalk Empire know that actor Michael K. Williams is an amazing talent, and probably one of the most badass performers working in the business. There are few actors able to craft characters who are so nuanced, so interesting, and yet so completely iconic in their overpowering cool. So it’s with unbridled enthusiasm that we should react to the latest news about his career, news that’s so epic it even trumps the time he started doing guest spots on Community. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Williams is set to star in a movie called Dirty White Boy, which is a biopic of the late Russell Jones, aka Big Baby Jesus, aka Osirus, aka Dirt McGirt, aka The Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

Perhaps right now you’re thinking to yourself that ODB was certainly dirty (and stinkin’), but in no way was he ever a white boy. So what the heck is the title of this movie referring to? Well, apparently Dirty White Boy focuses on the last few years of ODB’s life, the time between his imprisonment and his death, when he struck up an unlikely friendship/partnership with a 22-year-old VH1 production assistant named Jarred Weisfeld. Despite a lack of experience, Weisfeld was able to hustle his way into becoming ODB’s manager while he was still in jail, and then became the driving force of his musical comeback after release.

The screenplay comes from a man named Brent Hoff, who worked at VH1 and encountered the duo when they were filming a reality show for the network, and the film is set to be directed by Joaquín Baca-Asay, who is making his directorial debut, but has previously worked as a cinematographer on things like the Jesse Eisenberg-starring Roger Dodger.

If you think the inclusion of Jesse Eisenberg’s name in the previous sentence looks like a stretch, designed to subtly suggest that he should be cast in the role of Weisfeld, then you wouldn’t be wrong. How great would he and Williams be working together?

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