Oldboy Remake Faces Legal Hullabaloo


It seems that lawyers are teaming with movie fans in an attempt to derail the proposed Oldboy remake. Put simply, the publishers of the original manga are suing the producers of the 2003 film, claiming that they had no right to pimp out the rights to whomever they pleased. Adding to the drama, producers Kim Dong-Ju and Big Egg (best name ever?), have disappeared. I think we should probably check the local hotels for men trapped in suitcases.

Even with this legal hullabaloo, Reuters is reporting that the remake is moving forward. Of course they stress that this won’t be a remake of the film, but an adaptation of the manga, which appears to be very similar sans a couple of extreme detours. You would think this would help the manga creators in the court case though. Nonetheless, move ahead it will, with Will Smith still attached and Steven Spielberg still set to direct. This is alongside ten other films, according to IMDB so maybe don’t hold your breath yet (or eat an octopus for that matter).

I tend to disagree with the majority of film-y people, as I feel that an Oldboy remake wouldn’t be the worst thing. Not that I condone plundering any film. It’s just that in this case, the story is so interesting that I’d like to see it ‘re-tooled.’ It would be a completely different film, and if it causes one person to go seek out the original, then surely it’s a positive. We’ll always have Chan-Wook Park‘s version, so why not divorce it from this new version, and see what happens.

What do you think? Would you welcome the new Oldboy?

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