‘Old Dogs’ Trailer Features Travolta And Williams Humping Legs And Peeing On The Carpet


That’s a lie.  John Travolta and Robin Williams do neither of those things in the trailer for the upcoming film Old Dogs, but would you have clicked through without the sensationalism?  Doubtful…

Old Dogs is a “family comedy that pairs the two as close business partners whose lives are thrown into disarray when twin seven-year-olds are put into their care.”  Sounds hilarious doesn’t it?  Rife with comedic potential isn’t it?  Prepare to laugh along with the trailer below.

I’m not ashamed to say the movie looks okay… at least better than most of either Williams or Travolta’s recent comedies.  License to WedRVWild Hogs?  And maybe I’m just not fully awake yet but I actually laughed aloud at Justin Long’s line to Williams, “My beef is not with you old woman!”  Damn… just watched it a second time to make sure the quote was correct and I laughed again.  I need some caffeine…

Old Dogs hits theaters on November 25, 2009. Trailer courtesy of MSN.

Don’t you just wish it was November 25th already so you could be watching Old Dogs right now?

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