‘Old Boy’ Remake, Rumors Come Back to Life

Before you throw your computer at your television and yell, “Aww, hell naw!” take a moment to ponder the existence of an Old Boy remake/new manga adaptation that doesn’t at all, in any way, star Will Smith.

Seriously. That equipment is expensive. Calm down.

Even without Will Smith, the prospect of a remake isn’t a pleasant one, so keep your fingers crossed that this remains a rumor. Pajiba has the inside scoop that I Am Legend writer Mark Protosevich’s pass at a script is into the studio, they like it, and that Mandate is attempting to get Spielberg back on board.

If this is true, and if they can’t get Spielberg, the secondary rumor is that they’ll try to put the hammer in Danny Boyle’s hands. Boyle might be a strong choice, even if Spielberg doesn’t shy away from violence the way people seem to think he does. Either way, while this all shakes out, I’ll be watching Chan-wook Park’s version on the television I didn’t destroy earlier.

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