Oh, Thank Goodness: Channing Tatum Will Save the President in ‘White House Down’

By  · Published on May 14th, 2012

After taking a break to get back into romance (The Vow, Dear John) and comedy (21 Jump Street), Channing Tatum looks to be jumping back into some meat and potatoes work. No, no, the former dancer isn’t hitting up another Step Up film (and, oh, that he were), he’s currently in “advanced talks” (sorry, intermediate or beginner talks) for the lead role in White House Down. The Roland Emmerich-directed film has long been described as “Die Hard in the White House,” and – no, no, wait, just stop there. That’s all we need to know: Roland Emmerich might direct Channing Tatum in a Die Hard in the White House. I am not entirely sure what you people need for some headache-inducing popcorn cinema, but this fits the bill for me with a goddamn bullet.

Variety reports that the actor will likely join the James Vanderbilt-scripted actioner, which would see him starring as a secret service agent who gets tasked with saving the President of the United States after the White House is struck down by an attack. Sony will reportedly next look to cast the President and the head of the Secret Service. Sony, I beg of you, go to Bill Pullman for the Prez gig. Please.

We will next see Tatum in Magic Mike, G.I. Joe: More Retaliated Than Ever, The Bitter Pill, and Foxcatcher.

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