Oh, Canada: Canadian Cobie Smulders in Talks for Remake of Canadian Smash Hit

By  · Published on August 27th, 2012

Canadians have created many good things: instant mashed potatoes, poutine, the electric streetcar, the foghorn (maybe not that one), insulin, the Wonderbra, the indie film Starbuck, and actress Cobie Smulders. Surely, the country has invented a number of other top items (there’s even some debate about peanut butter!), but these are obviously the very best, and now two of them will be united together in one splashy cinematic endeavor.

Variety reports that How I Met Your Mother and Avengers star Smulders is currently in negotiations for the female lead in Ken Scott’s remake of his own smash film (Scott directed the original, and will now serve double duty as writer and director on the DreamWorks project), the sperm donor laughfest, Starbuck.

The American remake of the French-Canadian hit is currently untitled, but will follow the same plot as Scott’s original. Vince Vaughn signed on to star back in May, and he will play a regular dude who is floored to learn that his previous sperm donations have resulted in a shocking 533 children. As hundreds of his spawn decide that they want to meet their bio-dad, his life is thrown for a loop and he must decide whether or not to reveal his true identity and take some responsibility.

That already complicated situation is made even worse by the news that his actual girlfriend (the role Smulders would play) is also pregnant.

Chris Pratt is set to play Vaughn’s character’s lawyer, and Variety also reveals that the production will next turn their casting sights on rounding out the film’s large cast of Vaughn-spawn, “a diverse array of children,” along with supporting actors to play Vaughn’s brothers and father.