Officially Cool: Juno Jargon Jenerator

Check out this witty little widget.

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The Officially Cool column, not to be confused with any other “Cool” columns around the web, isn’t just about cool movie schwag or memorabilia that you can put in your mom’s basement. It is also about stuff that we here at FSR find to be creative, interesting or otherwise “cool” — hence, the name. This little online widget would fall under both the “creative” and “otherwise cool” categories.

Our affection for the Oscar nominated Juno is well documented. From gushing reviews to ranty editorials, we have been talking about Juno since she debuted last September. And with this widget below, we’ve got Juno, along with her geeky runner boyfriend and her pop, talking back. It is called the “Juno Jargon Jenerator”, and it is available for you to put on your already full (but not too full) blog, Facebook or Myspace profile.


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