Officially Cool: Flickchart Will Ruin Your Life and You Will Love It


Since I got inexplicably kicked out as President of the Jeff Goldblum fan club last week, I needed to find a new obsession. Luckily, the folks over at Flickchart were happy to oblige. Now, I can head over there for hours at a time, have their engine pop out two movies, and be forced to choose which one I like best. It’s kind of like the Hot or Not for film buffs. Except it’s brutal in making you choose, and ranks all of your choices as they come in – giving you a Top 20 of all time that’s publicly viewable.

Their website is achingly simple, which is probably what makes it so effective. Two movies are displayed. You choose which one you like better. For movie fans, it is a must. I can’t stress enough how much your inner movie-geek will love this damned website.

So why will it ruin your life?

Because it’s going to take up all of your time, and all you’ll be doing is tearing your hair out and clicking. There are essentially three basic set ups that you’ll encounter with Flickchart:

  1. The Easy – When one film is clearly far superior to another. Let’s say The Godfather goes head-to-head against I, Robot. It’s a simple click and onto the next challenge.
  2. The Crappy – This is an impossible situation because two equally crappy films come up. It’s not so hard to choose, but actually preferring one seems dirty. Seriously – if Teen Wolf 2 came up against Jurassic Park 3, would you feel comfortable choosing either?
  3. The Impossible – This is where Flickchart gets diabolical. From time to time, it’ll put up something like The Goonies vs. E.T. How the hell do you choose?
  • The Impossible Wildcard – A subsection of The Impossible, the Wildcard is when both movies are incredible but are in completely different genres. By what criteria do you decide whether The Big Lebowski is better or worse than The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly? Spartacus vs. Fight Club? Amadeus vs. Airplane!?

Right now the website is in Beta, so it’s a great time to go sign up. You can request a username and all that jazz from them, and they’ll email you back within 3 or 4 days.

Or…if you’re one of the first 4 to email me and request it, I can send you one of my invitations.

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