NYCC Dispatch: Watchmen, Up, Big Man Japan and More


Even though we are not wandering the halls of the New York Comic-Con event happening this weekend, we do have a lot of friends and neighbors who are covering the event. And even though we hate to send you elsewhere (that’s not really true, we love our homies) we thought it might not be a bad idea to direct you toward, and post reactions to some of the coverage that we’ve been seeing today. And from the looks of it, there has been some interesting stuff happening in the Big Apple:

  • Our brothers in arms over at Coming Soon have an ever-growing gallery of images from the Con floor, including various shots of geekarific figures and other memorabilia. My first reaction is “great,” the last thing I need to see is another cool Iron Man bust. Then of course, stuff sniffer extraordinaire Peter over at /Film gets a hot tip on some wicked Ghostbusters action figures. Moments later, my credit card balance went up.
  • On the panel beat, the lovely and often underestimated folks over at Geeks of Doom posted a report of the Watchmen panel, which included the first 18 minutes of the film. And even though many of us on the web had already reported on the footage, which was shown during a roadshow back in October, Eve’s report over at Geeks of Doom also talks of a special bonus scene that was shown to the packed house by Watchmen artist and co-creator Dave Gibbons.
  • Also showing footage in NYC were the folks at Disney/Pixar, who premiered a 45 minute selection of their 2009 film Up. Our good friend Ed Douglas from Coming Soon posted an incredibly thorough write-up about the footage, which is enough to get any Pixar fan energized for their next round of potential brilliance. Personally I’ve been sold on Up since I found out that Pete Docter (Monsters Inc.) was at the helm. And from the sound of it, there may be even further reason for my excitement.
  • The folks at Disney/Touchstone also brought footage of Jonathon Mostow’s sci-fi thriller Surrogates to the Con for viewer approval. And according to the report from Devindra Hardawar over at /Film, the Bruce Willis led thriller — which to me has such a cool premise — didn’t elevate beyond being John McClane meets iRobot. I’m still holding out for a teaser trailer, which should be out in the coming months considering the film’s September release date, but I do also trust Devindra’s opinion — and it has me worried.
  • The folks over at io9 have a report from the Con about a little movie that, oddly enough, I was able to see last spring at the 24-hour Sci-Fi Marathon in Columbus, Ohio. It is called Big Man Japan, and it is one of the most aggressively weird films you will ever see. Calling it “gleefully bizarre,” io9’s Alasdair Wilkins has an in-depth report on the film, which was screened in its entirety at the Con. I must agree with the report, in that while not perfect, Big Man Japan does succeed in being delightfully ambitious.
  • Back to upcoming movies, Katey Rich over at Cinema Blend had me interested the minute she wrote the headline “Alien Trespass Promises Seven Foot Penis.” Not that I have interest in seeing a seven foot penis or anything, I am just intrigued by a movie that would so actively flaunt such a fact. A movie that bold is my kind of flick. She goes on to explain that Alien Trespass actually sounds like a clever sendup of 50s sci-fi flicks, a favorite genre of mine. Based on this report and the trailer (which I will be finding and posting soon), I will be on the lookout for this flick when it begins its release on April 3.
  • And finally, Takashi Miike brought a preview of his upcoming film Yatterman, a giant robot film with far less blood than Miike’s previous work, and participated in a Q and A after the fact. The gents over at IGN have the full scoop.

So there you have it — all kinds of reports from day one of the New York Comic-Con, which we are missing in favor of watching old episodes of Charles in Charge. Maybe we’ll go next year — but who knows, our friends and neighbors seem to be doing pretty well in our absence.

Are any of you out there in NYC at the Con? If so, feel free to drop some of your thoughts on the footage mentioned above (or anything else for that matter) in the comment area below…

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