Now We’re Supposed to Care About Sequel Titles, ‘Independence Day’ Edition

By  · Published on September 12th, 2012

Our new best friend, German movie site FilmStarts, appears to be getting a hell of a lot of mileage out of their White House Down set visit, as their latest exclusive (“exklusiv” in German, which is much better) reveals the apparent titles for the upcoming Independence Day sequels. And, much like last week’s late reveal of the Star Trek sequel title, let’s prepare for everyone to flip their wigs over something that doesn’t really amount to much.

The site shares that director Roland Emmerich informed them that this two sequels to his beloved American classic (this is our beloved American classic!) would be called ID Forever ‐ Part 1 and ID Forever ‐ Part 2. Stirring stuff. Any relation to Batman Forever?

Emmerich also revealed that, per Google Translate, the films are “not used individually, therefore, but a package to be.” The assumed meaning is that the films will be shot together, which makes the most sense, at least technically and economically speaking. Emmerich also let on that’s he “has an aversion to 3D” and won’t film in the format, though he does assume that his sequels would be available in said format, thanks to the magic of post-production. [FilmStarts, via Bleeding Cool and ComingSoon]