Now Lynne Ramsay Is Taking on Sci-Fi, But With a Literary Twist

By  · Published on October 3rd, 2012

Typically, when we hear that an upcoming feature will be “sci-fi, with a twist,” it’s cause for major raspberry-blowing, but when the name Lynne Ramsay is attached to such a production, it’s cause for celebration. THR reports (via ComingSoon) that the Scottish auteur (and that she most certainly is) has snagged the necessary producers (and their finances) for an ambitious new project, titled Mobius.

Ramsay will direct and co-write the film (along with her husband Rory Kinnear, who she previously adapted We Need to Talk About Kevin with), which is described as a “science fiction-oriented project inspired by ‘Moby Dick.’” Yes, that Melville element is the twist. But a fun one, right? The film is reportedly a “psychological action thriller set in deep space” in which “a captain consumed by revenge takes his crew on a death mission fueled by his own ego and will to control an enigmatic alien.” Oh, a death mission!

The project will be financed by Scott Steindorff through his Scott Pictures shingle, along with Peter Fruchtman, Dylan Russell, and Scott LaStaiti.

Ramsay busted out of the arthouse with last year’s festival favorite, We Need to Talk About Kevin, though cinephiles have long been fans of her short film work and her features Ratcatcher and Morvern Callar. This new film is yet another massive step forward for the director, who is currently setting up her next project, the Natalie Portman- and Michael Fassbender-starring Jane Got a Gun, which is set to start shooting in January. Steindorff is also producing that film.