Now Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly Are Going to Take Their ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ Styled…

By  · Published on June 20th, 2012

Now Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly Are Going to Take Their ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ Styled Charms to Space

If the lo-fi charms of Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly’s Safety Not Guaranteed are set to herald in a new boom of sweet, smart, funny, and original sci-fi romances, than we’re all lucky. And if Trevorrow and Connolly are going to continue in that wheelhouse forat leastone more feature, we’re doubly lucky.

Deadline Uranus reports that the filmmaking team (who met all the way back when they were NYU students) have set up another project with Big Beach, the producers from Safety. For the currently-titled The Ambassador, the boys will pen the script together (for Safety, Connolly is the lone screenwriter credited) for Trevorrow to direct. The film sounds like a very lovely cousin to their previous indie smash, as it again brings together, as the duo explain, “a pair of emotionally dysfunctional people forced into a situation beyond their control.” Smacks of Safety, no? But Trevorrow and Connolly aren’t content to remain earthbound with The Ambassador – this time, they’re going to space.

Per Deadline, “The film is set in the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs, which not only monitors the universe for signs of life but is prepared to represent humanity if and when aliens arrive on earth. A shy, low-ranking staffer unwittingly makes first contact when he meets a mysterious beautiful woman and must risk more than his job when they are threatened by forces of this world and beyond.” Can we just cast Mark Duplass and Aubrey Plaza now?