Nick Nolte and Emma Stone Are Members of ‘The Gangster Squad’

If you haven’t been reading along, I’ve been gushing about Ruben Fleischer’s upcoming crime drama The Gangster Squad for quite a while. Story details about the cops and gangsters flick about real life gangster Mickey Cohen can be found in my first article about the movie, where it was announced that Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, and Ryan Gosling had all been cast in key roles. Penn is in the starring role as Cohen, and Brolin and Gosling are two of the members of the titular gangster squad that is put together to take him down. After hearing that, I didn’t think that life could get much better, but then it did.

The second Gangster Squad related bomb that Fleischer dropped on me was that man about town Bryan Cranston would also be joining the cast as a rough and tumble member of the LAPD by way of Texas. Suddenly the original Triumvirate of Awesome that was the Gangster Squad cast became the Cornerstones of Awesome instead. And now that the film has such a solid foundation to build a metaphorical house on, it’s time to start picking out pretty curtains and stuff by filling out the cast further.

The big news of the day from Deadline Monowi is that grizzled, crazy actor Nick Nolte has also been cast. He will play Bill Parker, the incorruptible chief of police who takes it upon himself to form this so-called gangster squad. That sounds like a big role. Seeing as Nolte’s upcoming movie Warrior is getting rave reviews from everyone who sees it, and this sounds like the best movie ever, we could be seeing a career resurgence from the guy. And that would be okay by me; in my eyes Nolte is one of our well-worn national treasures.

For me, Nolte isn’t the end of the Gangster Squad news however; a bevy of other names have been added to this project since the last time I checked up on it as well. This may not be news to everyone, but just to make sure that everyone knows how deep this film’s appeal goes, I’ll name four more actors I really like that are in the cast as well: Giovanni Ribisi, Michael Peña, Robert F’n Patrick, and Dame Emma Stone. I’ve really liked all four of those people in various things, and one of them I might even have a crush on. I’ll let you guess which. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get in line to buy tickets to this movie, my anticipation has been cranked up to 11.

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