Nick Frost and James Marsden Might Make ‘Business Trip’ a Comedy Worth Watching

Given Vince Vaughn’s recent output, it’s kind of hard to be too enthusiastic about the news that he’s set to star in an upcoming comedy with the generic title Business Trip – especially since it’s being brought to us by a director who we haven’t yet seen all that much from. But given that this is the reality we’re living in, it would behoove us to find a silver lining in this comedy cloud, and so far that silver lining seems to be the supporting cast that director Ken Scott is putting together.

Already we’ve gotten word that the younger, cuter, less weird Franco, Dave Franco, is going to be playing a supporting role in the film, and now The Wrap has a report that two more actors who are known commodities are negotiating to come on board as well – one who is a proven comedic powerhouse, and one who has shown some potential for doing well in the genre.

First up is Nick Frost, who from his featured roles in Edgar Wright works like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, to his smaller roles in things like Attack the Block, has proven time and time again that he can be relied on to get big laughs if you just give him the ball and let him riff with it. The second name they’re looking at is James Marsden, who kind of made a piss-poor stoic hero in the X-Men movies, but who dove into a silly role and earned quite a few laughs with his supporting turn in the Death at a Funeral remake.

There’s not yet any word on what roles Frost or Marsden would be playing if their signing becomes official, but the basic plot synopsis of the film is that Vaughn is playing an American businessman who goes overseas on a business trip and finds that what should have been a routine excursion soon goes off the rails and gets put on a collision course with wackiness. That brings to mind all sorts of supporting roles that either could be a good fit for. Annoying plane passenger, smarmy business executive, wacky local drunk… the possibilities are basically endless.

Likely we’ll have a better idea of what to expect out of Business Trip when Scott and Vaughn’s first collaboration, Delivery Man, hits theaters this November. If that similarly generic-sounding movie manages to defy expectations and provide some laughs, then Frost and Marsden’s casting here will be a sure sign that we could be in for something good. If it’s as bad as most of us are probably expecting, then not even the comedic might of a Nick Frost will likely be able to do much to avoid our scorn. Until then, the world waits.

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