Nicholas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling Hope to Make an Albert Brooks Comedy

I know Danish director Nicholas Winding Refn for his stylish, ridiculously entertaining look at a very unique criminal mind Bronson. I know Ryan Gosling from about a million of the best indie movies that have come out over the last decade. The two recently teamed up to make Drive, a film about a stuntman turned wheelman that got some big buzz going at Cannes and recently blew people away at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Once my Twitter feed lit up with LA people coming out of Drive gushing, I got super jealous and started looking forward to my own chance to see the film. But that’s not all there is to look forward to concerning these talents. When talking to 24 Frames, Refn spilled some beans about another film the actor and director hope to collaborate on in the future.

The two are already set to put together a remake of the 1976 dystopian film Logan’s Run, but in addition to that Refn says, “We’re doing a comedy, and Albert Brooks promised he’d write the screenplay. Well, that’s not exactly true. But print it and we’ll make it true.” Could this be wishful thinking on Refn’s part? Brooks doesn’t do much writing work these days. The last writing credit he has was on 2005’s Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World, and before that he hadn’t written a film since 1999’s The Muse. Will making something for talents like Refn and Gosling be enough to get him scribbling? It would be for me, and seeing as Brooks was an actor in Drive, he has the personal relationship with the dynamic duo that could generate enough noogies and peer pressure to get him to do it.

Regardless of Brooks involvement, it seems that Gosling and Refn are definitely going to do a comedy together. Gosling softened Refn’s claims a bit by saying, “We’re definitely going to do a comedy, and we’re trying desperately to get [Brooks] to write it.” Either way, I’m sure I’ll be there, but for now let’s concentrate on getting Drive out into theaters so I can get rid of this nervous twitch.

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