News After Dark: 3D Fizzles, Retro Blockbusters, Dark Knight Villains Rise and Tron Goes Street Art

What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a nightly movie news round-up that, for the time being, is keeping things brief. Memorial Day weekend is one that Hollywood generally takes off, so news is light. That said, there was plenty of discussion and artful expression happening all weekend that didn’t require us to sift through the virtual pages of The Hollywood Reporter. Read: there’s some cool stuff in tonight’s edition.

The Times has a report that, for some of you, can’t come soon enough. 3D is fizzling and Hollywood is scared. The report focuses on the lopsided box office of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which took in far more dollars in 2D despite a major push in the other direction from Disney. Even Kung Fu Panda 2, an animated 3D family adventure, opened soft in the additional dimension. Perhaps this will prompt some changes to be made. It probably won’t, but a guy can dream.

Slate’s Tom Shone has an interesting piece about how this year’s crop of summer blockbusters have gone retro, from the late-70s authenticity of J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 to the Mad Men-esquesploitation of the 60s in X-Men: First Class.

Speaking of retro blockbusters, artist Dave Williams has released the second poster in his Marvel Series, highlighting X-Men: First Class with a little bit of spy-film cool. I can almost feel a little Saul Bass in there:

And of course, we’ll continue with that theme of retro blockbusters with a newly released clip from Super 8. As part of the setup, a group of late-70s kids in Ohio are shooting a zombie murder mystery. As they shoot late one night at the town’s train stop, they are witness to a horrific crash. This is just the first few seconds of what is about to happen around them:

Matthew Modine’s character in The Dark Knight Rises has been revealed to Showbiz 411 as another of the film’s villains. He will play a “key villain,” a corrupt politician named Nixon. As with any of these reports, the lack of context or detail leave us unaffected. Everyone in Gotham City is pretty villainy these days.

20th Century Fox was marketing X-Men: First Class this Memorial Day weekend with planes drawing large Xs in the sky above Southern California. I wonder how much that cost.

“I love how that ‘Raiders’ family has stayed together for 30 years. We’re all still the closest of friends. ‘Raiders’ was the first movie where I actually shot the movie without thinking. I like to say that the line in ‘Raiders’ that most typifies the production of that movie was when Harrison says, ‘I’m making this up as I go along.’” That’s director Steven Spielberg briefly reflecting on Raiders of the Lost Ark 30-years later.

NYT Music critic Alex Ross discusses the music of Tree of Life, one of the film’s central themes being the father (Brad Pitt’s) interest in classical music and the moments in which he shares it with his sons.

We close tonight with a really cool video I found via /Film. End of the Line presents a look at the creation of a 20m-long aerosol Tron: Legacy mural for an art installation in East London. Say what you will about the film (I liked it), there’s no denying that it had some style. And that all comes to life with this mural.

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