Trio of ‘Coraline’ Videos Make Our Stop Motion Dreams Come True

Coraline Web Features

If you saw My Bloody Valentine 3-D this weekend, as we did, then you were witness to a fantastic trailer for Coraline. Now feast your eyes on some stop motion goodness of the forthcoming film.

The 3D stop motion flick based on Neil Gaiman’s horror novella won’t hit theaters until February 6th. That’s a bad thing for fans of the young Coraline Jones. But fret not, we’ve got you covered with three new trailers that invite us into her dark and dazzling dream world.

Coraline focuses on a young girl who decides to leave her family that neglects her for a magical world where her dreams seem to come true, but eventually turn into a nightmare. We’re looking forward to it and the 3D version looks out of this world. The best part is it gives us something to do while waiting for Jonas Bros. The 3D Concert Experience. Those boys are a dream, especially the one who looks like Cosmo Kramer.And the sarcasm ends … now.

What do you think of the Coraline trailers? Should Adam stop being so hard on the Jonas Bros.? Was that last sentence unintentionally homoerotic and disturbing?

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