New Sherlock Holmes Photos And Trailer Announcement


The best Sherlock Holmes movie ever made remains Murder By Decree which stars Christopher Plummer and James Mason as the famed duo in search of Jack the Ripper.  It’s a fantastic and creepy mystery from the director of A Christmas Story and Porky’s.  The Michael Caine/Ben Kingsley comedy Without A Clue is a close second, but there’s a good chance that ranking may change this December when Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes hits theaters.  USA Today has posted an early look at the upcoming possible blockbuster including new photos, a screen description, and news about the film’s first trailer… which is scheduled to premiere in front of Terminator Salvation on May 21st.

Robert Downey Jr. stars as the master detective with Jude Law portraying his dapper sidekick, Dr. John Watson.  The film also stars Rachel McAdams as a wily lass and Mark Strong as the villain.  This adventure is seen by many as a re-imagining due to Holmes’ bare-knuckle boxing and general rowdiness, but much of the story actually takes it’s lead from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original tales and inferences.  It also looks to be a male bonding/buddy movie similar to the new Star Trek film from JJ Abrams.  No, really… go with me here.

What people fell into the trap of doing in the past is thinking that by making Watson dumb, they made Homes smart,” Law says in refernce to the duo’s yin-yang relationship.  “I mean, Holmes is a genius.  He has this autistic savant quality and eccentricity that doesn’t need highlighting.  And what I love in Guy’s concept, and what we developed, is the idea that they are each one-half of a whole.  Watson is the one who keeps him on track.  Watson is very sensible, always checking whether they’ve got their pistols and they’re loaded.  He keeps what could be a very wayward individual straight.  They are very dependent on each other.”

See?  Very Kirk and Spock-like don’t you think?  And that can only be a good thing as Star Trek is about to launch a new franchise in a very big way.  Head on over to USA Today for more quotes and scene descriptions, and check out the new photos below.  (Thanks to for the heads up.)









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