New Set Photo Shows Spielberg and Jackson At Work on 'Tintin'

Empire has published the world’s first look at director Steven Spielberg on the set of his upcoming CG-animated epic Tintin, complete with a first shot of actors Andy Serkis and Jamie Bell in their motion capture suits. In the image above, you will see from left-to-right Bell, Serkis, producer Peter Jackson and the Spielberg himself who is giving instructions to his soon-to-be-animated actors.

The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn will follow the story of the popular Belgian comic-strip hero Tintin (Bell) and his faithful dog Snowy. The film will also star Simon Pegg, Daniel Craig, Nick Frost, Tony Curran and Toby Jones. It is currently set for release sometime in 2011. For more, check out Empire Magazine’s 20th Anniversay Issue, which hits newstands in the UK and US next Thursday.


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