New Poster for My Bloody Valentine 3D Aims For Your Nuts

My Bloody Valentine 3-D

The upcoming remake of the classic 80’s slasher film, My Bloody Valentine, has at least two things going for it. First, unlike the R-rated original that was heavily edited (and never restored… shame on you Paramount) to avoid the wrath of the MPAA, this new version happily received an ‘R’ for “graphic brutal horror violence and grisly images throughout, some strong sexuality, graphic nudity and language.” Who doesn’t love graphic violence and graphic nudity?

Second, and perhaps more importantly, the graphic violence and graphic nudity will be in 3D! RealD 3D actually, which is at least twice as good as 3D. This is the same technology used to make this past summer’s Brendan Fraser event, Journey to the Center of the Earth. And we all know how awesome that was! But seriously, until they make the inevitable RealD DoubleD porno, an R-rated slasher film in 3D stands to be the epitome of cool.

Which brings us to the brand new poster for My Bloody Valentine 3D, courtesy of the fine folks at UGO. Lionsgate’s first poster was more in line with the original image of a bloodthirsty miner, but this new one puts forth a subtle reminder that the film will be in 3D. Check it out below.

I’ll be honest, the cleavage caught my eye first, and then I noticed the dude about to have his scrotum pierced with a pick-axe. It is an attention grabber, but it screams “awesome new ride at Universal Studios” more than it does “scary slasher flick.” And where exactly are the shards of glass coming from? And what the hell is that hot chick doing with that doofus?

What do you think of the new poster?

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