New ‘Out of the Furnace’ Trailer Ditches the Pearl Jam and Cranks Up the Creep Factor


When the first trailer for Scott Cooper’s (Crazy Heart) Out of the Furnace hit, it made the movie seem like a pretty safe bet right away. The footage had a tattooed, rusty authenticity to it, the story featured stakes that were immediate and grave, and the cast – well it’s just a really good cast they’ve put together. But then, in the second half of the ad, what originally looked like a simple, gritty revenge story suddenly gave way to religious imagery, corny flashbacks, general melodrama, and a soaring Pearl Jam song over the soundtrack that made the whole thing seem like it just might be too pretentious and overbearing to reach its potential.

Now there’s a second trailer out for the film though, and while it’s mostly a remix of footage that was already shown in the first, this time the focus is more on the danger of getting involved with a bunch of criminal hillbillies, and this time some girl doing a sort of panicked cover of Neil Young’s ‘Heart of Gold’ provides the soundtrack, so everything gets presented with a much more haunting tone and less of a bro rock one. Check it out, really, it ends up working so much better.

Sure, Out of the Furnace asks you to accept that Casey Affleck is a tough guy bare knuckle fighter, and it doesn’t seem like it features nearly as much Forest Whitaker driving around while doing panic face as one would like, but it’s kind of hard to beat a movie that pits a neck-tattooed Christian Bale up against Woody Harrelson playing some sort of hillbilly version of Colonel Kurtz, isn’t it? Probably we’re all going to have to go check this one out when it hits theaters. Which will be on December 6, by the way.

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