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What’s New to Stream on Amazon Prime for October 2019

There may not be a lot hitting the service this month, but at least we’re getting a new Nicolas Cage film.
High Life
By  · Published on October 3rd, 2019

Amazon Prime is the only streaming service with a cost that also gets you free shipping, and that my friends is a deal. They’re in the Original programming game, but their biggest offering remains the ton of films available to watch anytime for Prime members.

The complete list of titles hitting Amazon Prime this month — October 2019 — is below, but first I’m going to shower some affection and point some eyeballs towards a few specific titles.

Amazon Prime Pick of the Month

The picking are uncharacteristically slim for Amazon Prime this month, but even if the selection was bigger there’s a good chance Claire Denis’ High Life (2018) would have still landed the coveted top spot here. I still haven’t seen it, but two of our best here at Film School Rejects — Meg Shields and Anna Swanson — are very vocal fans. The film stars Robert Pattinson as an astronaut juggling fatherhood, a toxic work environment, and ropey strands of gravity-defying semen. Again, I haven’t seen it yet, but that’s the impression in my head for some reason.

Surprise! A New Nicolas Cage

Kill Chain

October 18th brings the premiere of a film called Kill Chain which I know nothing about aside from it being a thriller about three strangers caught up in some shenanigans. Oh, and it stars Nicolas Cage who will either be great here or simply collecting a paycheck — there is no middle ground for him. Oh, and it’s written and directed by Ken Sanzel whose previous film, Blunt Force Trauma (2015), is a nifty little thriller that none of you bothered to see. All of this combined is more than enough reason to watch. Probably.

The Complete List

October 1st
A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)
Astro Boy (2009)
Hoosiers (1986)
Patriot Games (1992)
The Accused (1988)
The Great Gabbo (1929)
Glorifying the American Girl (1929)

October 3rd
High Life (2018)
Thursday Night Football: Eagles @ Packers (NFL)

October 4th
Goliath: Season 3 – Amazon Original series

October 10th
Thursday Night Football: Giants @ Patriots (NFL)

October 11th
Costume Quest: Season 1b – Amazon Original series

October 17th
Thursday Night Football: Chiefs @ Broncos (NFL)

October 18th
Modern Love: Season 1 – Amazon Original series
Kill Chain (2019)

October 24th
Thursday Night Football: Redskins @ Vikings (NFL)

October 25th
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: Halloween Special – Amazon Original series
Just Add Magic: New Protectors: Special – Amazon Original series

October 26th
Killing Zoe (1993)

October 28th
Unforgotten: Season 3
Nobody’s Fool (2018)

October 30th
In Search of Greatness (2018)

October 31st
Thursday Night Football: 49ers @ Cardinals (NFL)

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