New ‘Last Airbender’ Posters Turn Their Back On Us

By  · Published on January 26th, 2010

After putting this on my list of Most Anticipated, I’ve been on the hunt for more promotional materials. I’ve also been instructed by at least 2,394 people to check out the original anime. I swear I’ll get to it.

But for the moment I’ve been sidetracked by two new posters for the movie that look fantastic:

You can click on either to largify them:

Gorgeous. I love the look of both of these posters because they are simple, but evoke a sense of urgency. Two fighters ready to bring thunder and lightning (or fire and wind rather) to the landscape they overlook.

The first features Aang (Noah Ringer), the young hero of the story who has to fight against the Fire Nation as it attempts to take over everything. The second, as you might have guessed, is Zuko (Dev Patel), the prince of the Fire Nation.

Aside from the film itself, these posters are great marketing materials. A little basic, yes, but they make you look twice – the best thing a piece of advertising can do. And, damn it, if they don’t make me want to see Dev Patel unleash some fire.

What do you think?

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