New Iron Man 2 Poster Teases with Words


Courtesy of, we get to peek at some Iron Man 2 goodness today. And by goodness, I mean that we get the title in an ‘iron’ font that is sure to make us froth at the mouth, right?

Well no, I thoroughly enjoyed Iron Man and will follow Robert Downey Jr. to the ends of the Earth, but this poster is a huge let down. Lets take a look back at the first Iron Man teaser (see below), a close up of the classic Mark 3 helmet with an ominous glowing eye. Now that is a teaser poster. It is simple and subtle, teasing with the film’s main character in an effort to draw attention to the film. This second poster draws attention, but not in the right way — we’re drawn to the laziness in its design.

This is not an indictment on the film itself, as the previous image of Mickey Rourke had me chomping at the bit to see more. But instead of more, we got oh so much less. Take a look for yourself at the two teaser posters side-by-side below.


Do you agree? What should a good teaser poster do?

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