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Fans of Fast, Fun, and Furious Action Will Enjoy the Brutal Mayhem of Our Pick of the Week

Plus 4 More New Releases to Watch This Week on Blu-ray/DVD!
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By  · Published on December 26th, 2017

Plus 4 More New Releases to Watch This Week on Blu-ray/DVD!

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Pick of the Week

Mayhem [4K UltraHD]

What is it? An office worker claws his way to the top with whatever weapons he has at his disposal.

Why see it? Joe Lynch’s Everly showed that he could deliver creatively violent action on a small scale, and his latest reveals he can do even better on a slightly larger one. It’s a bloody action romp fueled by a somewhat more playful 28 Days Later-like virus and a harsh commentary on corporate culture. It’s nasty, fast-moving fun, but it’s also funny fun. Steven Yeun does good work while Samara Weaving steals the show, and together they unleash the joyous fury of the 98%.

[4K UltraHD/Blu-ray extras: Making of]

The Best

The Apartment [Arrow Academy]

What is it? A man lends out his apartment in exchange for career advancement.

Why see it? Sometimes a classic film loses its luster and relevance over the years, and sometimes it’s a Billy Wilder movie. 1960’s The Apartment is every bit as funny, witty, and insightful today as it was over half a century ago. Jack Lemmon shines as our not-so hapless every man while both Shirley MacLaine and Fred MacMurray bring the goods in smaller roles. There’s a sly commentary on the workplace here (meaning it makes for a fun and unexpected double feature with Mayhem above) alongside a sweet romance, and the whole is just fantastic entertainment. Arrow Academy’s new Blu-ray is one of the year’s best home video releases combining a beautiful restoration, terrific new/old extras, and a fantastic little hardcover book loaded with essays and photos.

[Blu-ray/DVD extras: New 4K restoration, commentary, featurettes, hardcover book]

Terminator 2: Judgment Day [4K UltraHD]

What is it? A boy befriends a robot from the future.

Why see it?┬áJust as he did with the sequel to Ridley Scott’s Alien, James Cameron’s follow-up to The Terminator shifts the genre focus from horror to action in a big way. Sure Edward Furlong is an obnoxious little prick, but everything else about the film kicks ass from a ripped Linda Hamilton to a menacing Robert Patrick to some still-fantastic action set-pieces. It’s a compelling anti-war message wrapped up in genre greatness, and while this new release doesn’t add anything new special feature-wise, the 4K UltraHD disc makes a double dip worth it for those with the hardware. It’s sharp, bright, and brilliant action.

[4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray extras: Documentary, deleted scenes, commentaries, featurette, three versions of the film]

The Rest

Brawl in Cell Block 99 [4K UltraHD]

What is it? Poor life choices lead to an angry Vince Vaughn.

Why see it? Vaughn’s dark and brutal turn is the main reason to watch this gritty, bloody romp, as the script and story lean towards the ridiculous. It doesn’t have the smarts to recognize that and instead plays everything straight and serious. The dialogue is iffy, the action underwhelms by mistaking bluntness for artistry, and it just gets silly once it finally reaches the prison. On the plus side, though, we at least get to spend time with Don Johnson once we’re there, and he’s a national treasure. Ultimately it’s Vaughn who makes a watch worthwhile as even the dumbest dialogue feels secondary next to his harshly atypical performance.

[4K UltraHD/Blu-ray extras: Making of, Q&A]

Killing Gunther

What is it? A team of assassins sets their sights on the world’s best killer.

Why see it? For a film marketed fairly boldly as an Arnold Schwarzenegger flick (look at that cover!) it’s pretty disingenuous to discover that he doesn’t even appear until 67 minutes into its 93 minute running time. Happily, the film picks up in the laugh department once he shows up as he plays well against type, delivers most of the film’s funniest lines, and even sings a song or two. The rest of the cast, all TV veterans, do more of what they do.

[Blu-ray/DVD extras: Deleted scenes, bloopers]

Also out this week:

Jeepers Creepers 3, Manhunt: Unabomber, Revolt

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