Neil Marshall Close to Signing on to Direct ‘Predators’


Doomsday and The Descent director Neil Marshall is dipping his pen in the ink and about to sign on to direct Predators for 20th Century Fox, according to our friends over at Bloody Disgusting.

According to BD’s sources close to the production, Marshall is currently in final negotiations to direct the film, which is said to be a prequel that will focus on having multiple Predators. Alex Litvak penned the script based loosely on a treatment from Robert Rodriguez (who is producing the flick under his Troublemaker Studios banner) that is set in a world where “both the Predators and other species live.” The rest of the story details are sketchy, but we do know this: a film that involves multiple Predators could be fun.

As well, Neil Marshall has at times delivered the goods — plenty of you kids should remember Dog Soldiers and many consider The Descent to be one of the better horror films of the past decade. Clearly he has the potential to make a kick-ass Predators film. I’m in lock-step with Mr. Disgusting on this one, breathing a sigh of relief that someone with some talent is attracted to this project. Combined with Rodriguez’s vision as producer, Marshall could bring some of the grit that he’s infused into his other films — including the somewhat abysmal but not terrible Doomsday — and bring some heat.

Of course, this deal is certainly not official as no pen has been committed to contract quite yet. But as we await the final confirmation, please feel free to discuss your thoughts on Neil Marshall directing Predators below.

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