‘Neighborhood Watch’ Teaser Plays Like a Promo For a Great New TV Show

Neighborhood Watch

The first glimpse we’re getting of Akiva Schaffer’s star-studded new comedy Neighborhood Watch certainly isn’t giving us much of a look at what the plot is going to be – and I guess that’s why they call it a teaser – but there still seems to be something a little off with the way they’re introducing this one to the world. The slow motion footage of lame suburban guys trying to look hard while driving, the slightly out of date rap song that makes up the soundtrack, somehow it all adds up to make something that feels a little less like a wide-release comedy that’s about to hit theaters and a little more like the funny new show that’s about to debut after Weeds on Showtime.

That said, there are still some laughs to be had when Jonah Hill and Ben Stiller interrogate that poor, confused kid at the end; so it’s possible that this one will end up being worth our box office dollars. And no doubt it’s going to be fun to see The IT Crowd’s Richard Ayoade perform comedy alongside some of the most established comedic actors in Hollywood. If he gets the right material to work with here, it could be the launching point for the next hot career in comedy.

And maybe the next trailer will have some of the alien stuff we were promised and a few more jokes so that people will actually have a reason to want to go see this thing.

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