Navy Seals hit the Big Screen!

The latest arctic mammal to go CG, IGN reports that The Weinstein Co. and Exodus film group are following the CG revolution, bringing Navy Seals with em. This family adventure comedy, according to IGN, features an elite group of Navy Dolphins that are captured, and our seals are their only hope for rescue. What more could you ask for? This film will apparently have a more realistic touch to it, according Exodus CEO John D. Eraklis:

“Navy Seals is a hilarious adventure comedy inspired by the very real heroics that marine mammals have played in the defense of our country.”

Navy Seals is gonna try to follow up recent hits Happy Feet and Shrek 3. With CG family films becoming more popular every year, you can be sure that The Weinstein Co. will try to make the most of their new partnership with Exodus. They are slated to release several CG feature films, tv series, and DVDs. TWC will handle their distribution.

Arthur and the Invisibles was The Weinstein Co.’s latest foray into the CGI market.

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