Natural Born Killers: Ten Badass Cinematic Killing Machines

Natural Born Killers: Ten Badass Cinematic Killing Machines

Everyone loves a good killing spree, do they not? Here at Film School Rejects we love a good killer more than most, and whether they are hacking with a blade or shooting ’em up we are always ready to sit up and take notice. This summer we were particularly smitten by the bullet blitzkrieg that was Wanted, a film adaptation of the deviously fun comic from the twisted mind of Mark Millar. Its in-your-face approach to killing was as purely entertaining as it was intense, delivering some of the coolest gun play that we’ve seen on screen in a long, long time.

So when it came to running a little promotion to help get the word out on Wanted‘s DVD release, we had no problem coming up with ideas. No matter how many ideas we went through though, we always came back to the same common theme — that Wanted features some badass killing machines the likes of which are rarely seen in film. There is Cross, played by Thomas Kretschmann, the assassin who puts a bullet in the back of his target’s head from miles away. There is Mr. X, played by David O’Hara, the man who jumps from one building to another in order to take out an entire team of snipers. There is also Fox, played by Angelina Jolie, a sexy, cold-blooded killer whose mastery of the gun is unparalleled. And finally there is Wesley, played by James McAvoy, who storms an entire factory of trained assassins and wipes the floor with a gang of professional killers. It is enough to keep our jaws on the floor for a solid two hours.

And in celebration of one of the year’s most unique and exciting action movies — and the badass killers that populate its story — we have rounded up a list of Ten More Badass Cinematic Killing Machines. Do the names on this list compare to the wanton violence and mayhem created in Wanted? We will let you decide…

Click here to read our list of Ten Badass Cinematic Killing Machines.

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