Naomi Watts Certainly Looks Like Marylin Monroe

Naomi Watts as Marylin Monroe

In today’s entry of The B-Roll, I mentioned that the Cannes Marketplace has been flooded with dueling projects about the life and times of Marylin Monroe. One will star Naomi Watts and the other will star Michelle Williams. Prior to today, I was on board for the Williams-led project (it came first, and I’d just seen Williams light up the screen in Blue Valentine at Sundance). However, perspectives shift. The Playlist has pointed us in the direction of the first image of Watts as Monroe for her project, Blonde.

The photo – which is a promo shot grabbed by Allocine at Cannes – is fairly convincing. Watts absolutely looks the part. Neither actress is quite as voluptuous as Ms. Monroe was, but that is something that can be accomplished with a bit of movie magic. Of all the dueling projects currently on the table, the Marylin v. Marylin situation may turn out to be the most interesting of them all. Making two movies about one of the sexiest women in history will do that.

What do you think of Watts as Monroe (pictured above right)?

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