Mystery Team: Donald Glover Enters the Room, Hilariously

The release of Mystery Team on DVD is fast approaching. May 25, 2010 to be exact. Finally, one of the absolute funniest films of 2009 will be available for all to purchase. The first film from the Derrick Comedy crew is exactly the kind of dark comedy that belongs in everyone’s collection. I would recommend getting it on Amazon, as I have strong doubts about Best Buy stocking enough copies to meet the demand this clip is about to create.

In the following clip, Donald Glover (Community) enters the room as Jason, one of the three maladjusted high schoolers who make up the Mystery Team. Their elementary school days may be gone, but their elementary shenanigans are not. Jason enters the principal’s office disguised – not so subtly – as his father. An interaction occurs. It ends humorously. See for yourself below.

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