‘My Name is Bruce’ Could Be Coming to Your Neighborhood

There are very few things that I share with the countless throngs of horror aficionados out there. An unhealthy obsession with all things Bruce Campbell though, is certainly one of them. The fact that I can’t stand anything by Eli Roth and can’t sit through any of the Saw movies is one thing, but don’t mistake that with me not being a huge fan of the Evil Dead trilogy. And like many of you, I am eagerly anticipating the release of My Name is Bruce, the comedy that stars Bruce Campbell as Bruce Campbell — it is the best possible scenario.

So you can imagine the joy that overwhelmed my heart when I saw a listing over at Fangoria for the My Name is Bruce nationwide tour. Thats right, Bruce Campbell is going on tour with his film, and he’s going to screen it for eager audiences in the cities listed below. Each screening will involve a special appearance by Bruce and a post-screening Q&A. For more about the film, just scroll down to see the trailer and poster.

Oct. 26: Austin, TX (Alamo Drafthouse)

Oct. 31 – Nov. 2: New York City (Sunshine Cinema)

Nov. 5: Philadelphia, PA

Nov. 7: Boston, MA

Nov. 9: Hartford, CT

Nov. 12: New Haven, CT

Nov. 14: Baltimore, MD

Nov. 15: Washington D.C.

Nov. 19: Columbus, OH

Nov. 20: Toledo, OH

Nov. 21 – 23: Detroit, MI

Nov. 28 – 30: Chicago, IL

Dec. 3: Madison, WI

Dec. 5 – 7: Minneapolis, MN

Dec. 12: Seattle, WA

Dec. 13 – 14: Portland, OR

Dec. 15: Medford, OR

Dec. 17: San Francisco, CA

Dec. 18: Berkeley, CA

Dec. 19 – 21: Los Angeles, CA

And for those who are not familiar with My Name is Bruce, here is some more information that you might find useful, like the official plot synopsis: My Name is Bruce is the story of the residents of Gold Lick, Oregon, who decide to kidnap Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell, who surely can help them defeat the evil monster (the Chinese God of War) that is terrorizing their small town. Unfortunately, the belligerent, boozed up B-movie actor Bruce Campbell has no skills, so their shot at salvation seems to amount to nothing more than a monumentally bad idea. Yet, there may be hope for Campbell yet–if only he can find the faith in himself that the Gold Lickers have found.

And the trailer:

And the film’s newly released poster:

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