Mullets and Nipples: When Corey Met Amy on the Set of Crank 2

The idea of a Crank sequel may surprise some people since the first one was overly obnoxious and stupid. Unfortunately, poor quality isn’t enough to stop the prospects of a sequel in Hollywood. (ie. Transformers 2) A quick gander over at explains it all… Crank only cost $12 million to make but it grossed $44 million worldwide. I’m no math wiz, but that equation equals sequel.

Which brings us to some awesome new on-the-set photos from Crank 2: High Voltage found over at See Jason Statham looking irritated! See Bai Ling looking emaciated! See Amy Smart’s boobs just one X away from tic-tac-toe! And saving the best for last… see Corey Haim looking like he just walked off the unemployment line! That last one isn’t a joke obviously, as the travails and tribulations of The Haimster’s movie career are well documented. It does show the power of persistence and the full-page ad though… There’s no mention if the stellar mullet he’s sporting belongs to him or the props department, but judging by the way he’s nervously fingering it in the pics I’m guessing he’s not so sure it’s the right career move. Although to be honest, he should probably be glad his career is moving period.

Now back to Miss Smart’s nipples… some earlier set pics popped up last week (via JoBlo) showing her topless, taped, and wrestling a police officer in the street. Between the promise of Amy Smart wrestling half-naked and the long overdue and mulleted return of Corey Haim to the big-screen… I’ll admit my interest has been aroused. I may just have to add Crank 2 to my Netflix queue.