‘Mr. Morgan’s Last Love’ Trailer: Michael Caine Finds Love in Paris

‘Mr. Morgan’s Last Love’ Trailer: Michael Caine Finds Love in Paris

Mr. Morgan's Last Love

Oh, God, there’s something in my eye. Not tearing up at all at the thought of Michael Caine being sad and lonely in his elderly years. Nope. Mr. Morgan’s Last Love centers on a sweet old widower living in Paris who finds a new lease on life when he meets a radiant younger woman (Clémence Poésy) who reminds him much of his wife. She teaches dance classes! She helps him lighten up!

Oh, my God ‐ Michael Caine has a manic pixie dream girl. But it looks like a sweet, heartwarming tale where we’ll surely discover that Poésy’s character is just as vulnerable and in need of a friend as Caine. Isn’t that how these always work? This almost looks like the happy version of Lost in Translation: older gentleman and younger woman strike up an unlikely friendship that doesn’t (appear to) end in mutual heartbreak and anguish.

The film is written and directed by German filmmaker Sandra Nettelbeck (No Reservations, Mostly Martha), and co-stars Justin Kirk and Gillian Anderson (though she doesn’t make an appearance in the trailer). Check out the first trailer after the break.

“There’s a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in.”

“You are the crack in my world.”

Please excuse me while I go sob in the corner.

Mr. Morgan’s Last Love does not yet have a release date. [FirstShowing]

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