Mr. Franco’s Fancy New Penis

James FrancoJames Franco, seen recently turning stoner humor into gold in Pineapple Express, will next be seen as Sean Penn‘s gay lover in the upcoming film Milk. Or perhaps we should say he’ll be playing Penn’s very well-endowed gay lover.

Franco will be seen wearing a prosthetic penis in the film that is apparently so realistic looking that it baffled Sean Penn. According to Flawed Hollywood, Franco said in regard to a seen in which he had to jump naked into a swimming pool:

“This scene went on for a long time, like half the day, and it’s getting old… and I go over to Sean and I guess he didn’t know that I was wearing a prosthetic. I go, `Sean, you’re such a great actor but you wouldn’t do a scene like this if they asked you; you wouldn’t dive into a pool naked.’ And he said… `Well James, if I was built like you, I would.’ A couple of weeks later we did this scene, where we’re both dancing and we’re naked, and we both have prosthetic penises. He finally put it together that I’m wearing, like, the Boogie Nights prosthetic.”

Gus Van Sant’s Milk opens December 5th and co-stars Josh Brolin, Emile Hirsch, and Diego Luna. From the sound of what we’ve heard in regards to naked pool scenes, a scene in which Penn and Franco wear opposing fake schlongs, and minute-long kissing shots, we’re in for one gay ride. What I find extremely funny while looking at this movie’s posting on IMDB is that there seems to be barely any women in this film, as well. There’s less women in this cast than in Saving Private Ryan it appears.

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