Movie Watcher’s Guide to Going Green At the Theater

Don’t take this as a cue to whip out your heart ring, or rev up your Prius or anything. We just want to bring up several fun, and maybe not so fun, ways to help out this big old place we call home. Here are some choices that you can make to help the environment both at the movie theater, and at home:

Walk or Ride a Bike to The Theater

We all know that cars cause pollution, and use an important resource. So save both ways by finding a way to your local theater on foot, or by bike. Also, this will help work off that popcorn and candy from the concession stand. If you don’t live so close to your local theater, carpool your way there with some friends.

Bring the Popcorn Home

I’m not kidding, some people suggest using air popped popcorn in place of Styrofoam packing peanuts. It is probably worth passing up on the butter if you are going to try this.

Recycle or Reuse your 3-D Glasses

I know a lot of people think that it is dumb to recycle them when the theater charges you for a new pair no matter what, but at least keep them for next time. Yes it probably creates more profit for the theaters, but it also cuts down on the use of plastic. It’s just wasteful to grab a new pair every time.

Buy an LED TV

LED televisions save up to 40% more energy than conventional LCD televisions. So if you are going to end up with a hulking 55" TV in your mancave, it might as well be a bit more conservative with power. While they may be a bit more expensive, your energy cost savings will be made up over the life of owning this environmentally conscious TV.

Make Sure Everything is Powered Off

Most don’t know that while the little red light on your TV means that it is powered off, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t drawing idle current. You can buy a power strip with smart power or auto-switching technology. These smart strips follow the lead of a “master” component, like when your TV is off…everything shuts off with it, and doesn’t draw any idle power.

Watch a Movie on Your Laptop

Laptops labeled with an Energy Star distinction use 70% less energy than standard laptops. Also, these portable computers use much less electricity than your big TV and home theater system. Streaming a movie with Netflix or Blockbuster Online saves on gas consumption and cuts down on those Netflix envelopes coming in the mail.

Move to Ypsilanti, Michigan

No kidding. There is a group of movie lovers that want to bike pedal every ounce of electricity needed to project movies outdoors in a local park. I don’t know how much attention I could pay to the film while pedaling a bike, but it could be fun with the right movie. I just wonder what happens when a few people have to visit the bathroom. Sounds fun, and maybe they’ll show American Flyers.


Seriously, why read magazines or newspapers when you can read the best movie commentary on the web?

Avoid Roland Emmerich Films

Not only is this good for your mental health, the guy seems to have a hard-on for destroying the world. Maybe he had some horrific Earth Day incident that caused him to wreak cinematic vengeance on Mother Earth. Or maybe it is easier for him to destroy, than to create.

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