Behold, Movie Theater of the Future

Officially Cool

I have been to some cool movie theaters in my travels, but it looks like I might have to find a reason to go to Hong Kong. The AMC Pacific Place Cinema opened in 2006, and sports a very futuristic look and feel. The theater only seats 599 total, but one would assume that might not be a bad thing if you were looking for a more private and intimate experience. You could even go to the VIP screening room which seats 39, if you are looking to get away from the crowd. You may not be able to tell, but the seats are all leather and measure almost four feet wide apiece. This theater pulled out all the stops, hiring James Law to design, and the attention to detail stretches even into the ladies room. Picture four is of the ladies room, where the clean lighting and mirrored effect add some size and style to the room. I just wonder what the average ticket price is.

Would you rather a more traditional feel for your theater, or would you welcome some cutting edge design?

Source: The Cool Hunter, Slashfilm

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