Movie Style Guy: Weekend Drinks

Movie Style Guy Resorts to Booze.

Hello again to the seven of you who regularly read this column! I’m sure your lives have been virtually demolished, as Movie Style Guy took an extended Christmas hiatus. No worries, because I’m back, though I fear I’ve chosen a fairly weak releasing period, at least as far as style is concerned. I had considered talking about the different binding methods available due to Inkheart, but thought better of it. Like always, when there isn’t much to go on, we get to drinking. Cheers.

The Movie: Killshot
The Drink: Scotch, at least 7 years old

The Reason: Killshot initially finished filming almost 5 years ago. Cue some reshoots. Then cue some straight to DVD advertising. Then time-out, Rourke is big. Send this baby to limited release. As much as this movie sounds cool, the long delay has us all worried. So, to take the edge off, cue up a Scotch that was first poured into a barrel two years before filming began.

The Movie: Inkheart
The Drink: Cabernet Sauvignon

The Reason: When celebrating the written word, is there anything more fitting than red wine? I didn’t think so. The film takes place in Italy and Cabernet Sauvignon has had a long history in the area, so pour a glass of this before you take the kids to this entertaining family film – unless you’re driving the mini-van.

The Movie: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
The Drink: Stella Artois or other Pale Lager

The Reason: This movie takes place a long, long time ago, and beer is one of our oldest beverages. This installment of Underworld was filmed in New Zealand, where the favored beers are pale lagers. Since the importation of beer from New Zealand is fairly rare, if you can’t find any at your local BevMo, pick up the delightful and drinkable Stella Artois (Belgium). Though if you want to stay in that region, Foster’s is Australian for beer, or so I’m told.

The Movie: Outlander
The Drink: Beer Breezer

The Reason: What do you drink before a sci-fi viking epic? Something strong, no doubt. I’ve been pitching this drink to people for awhile. One shot of vodka per 6 or so ounces of beer. Some people add a few drops of tabasco and celery salt, but I say just drink it up. If there is anything that will mess with your mind more than this flick, it’s this drink.

Bottoms up friends and drink responsibly. As I recently learned, vomit is a smell that will stay in your car forever.

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