Movie Style Guy: A Touch of Class

This weeks Movie Style Guy will be a bit different than the rest. No drink recipes here or tips on which shoes to wear if you plan on escaping the Cloverfield monster. No, this comes from personal experience and is an example of how, no matter who you are, you should always act with class and maintain your cool.

Living and working in Hollywood, there is no shortage of celebrity sightings and interactions. I’ve seen the entire gamut of personalities, from bitchy directors who scream about not being able to park their Prius close enough to the building to really nice guys who go out of their way to shake your hand. The director shall remain nameless, though the nice guy is Jerry O’Connell in this example.

This morning at a local grocery store I noticed a familiar face in line before me – Ted Raimi, younger brother to Sam. You may remember him from Seaquest DSV or Xena: Warrior Princess. Now, Ted is not your big marquee celebrity, but as I’ve seen first hand, that doesn’t matter when it comes to bad attitudes in Hollywood.

Things were rough in the checkout. Credit card machines were beeping. Receipts were spinning. Club cards not reading. The cashier had to call the manager over three times. Not a single thing the fault of Mr. Raimi, mind you. I’ve seen kindly old grandmothers explode at less. But Ted doesn’t lose his cool for a second. I’m angrier than he is, and I’m not the one going through this. Things seem rectified and he goes. But there is $30 worth of groceries on the conveyor. Not mine. Ted’s. She forgot to ring up a good portion of his things. Now she runs out and gets him. Calm as day he comes back in. She apologizes again and again, and Raimi is understanding. “These things happen,” he says. What? I’ve never seen so many things go wrong. I’ve never seen a cashier forget two entire bags worth of groceries. But this guy doesn’t miss a beat in taking it in stride. Not a single unkind word comes out of his mouth.

You can say what you will about what this means. But take it from me, someone in this business. People less famous, less important, less anything have exploded over trivial things. Celebrities seem to go off even more frequently, demanding special treatment, so it’s rare to find someone behaving beyond just normally, beyond just appropriately, but calm as day. That, my friends, is class. You’ll live longer if you don’t let things get to you. You look better in public, too. Before this, Ted Raimi was a funny guy in some movies and TV shows. Now to me, Raimi is deserving of some admiration.

What has the world come to when someone, a celebrity or otherwise, staying calm and collected is news worthy? I don’t know, and I don’t really like it, but in this crazy business in this insane city, there are very few people who maintain their calm and class in any situation. Ted Raimi is one of them. Plus he also came up with “The Green Meanie” in Spider-Man 2, and that was good for a laugh.

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