Movie News After Dark: Pacific Rim, Senna, Katy Perry and Preparing for The Dark Knight Rises in…


Movie News After Dark: Pacific Rim, Senna, Katy Perry and Preparing for The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX

What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a nightly column that’s picking up the pieces as Hollywood takes off for an extended mid-week holiday weekend. Sure, the streets of Burbank are empty at the moment (quick, someone sneak onto the Paramount Lot and steal a rough cut of Star Trek 2!), but there’s plenty of news and notes to go around. We’re just that good, friends.

We begin this evening with a shot of Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) and Rinko Kikuchi (The Brothers Bloom) in Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim wearing futuristic robot driving suits. Not only did Shock Till You Drop pull these from the pages of Entertainment Weekly, they also scored a pretty in-depth synopsis.

1. A Short History of Gay and Lesbian Superheroes – io9 proves once again to be the site of record for digging up otherwise under the radar nerdiness. Their commitment to awareness is to be applauded, especially because they insist that the world know of Attack of the 50ft. Lesbian.

2. A 3D tour of the Frankenweenie set – A very cool look at the stage where Tim Burton’s latest stop-motion animated wonder, which also happens to be opening Fantastic Fest 2012. This is so infectiously cool.

3. The Art of the Boardwalk Empire title – The folks at Art of the Title, with their fresh new (gorgeous) website, walk us through the opening credits of one of my favorite summer shows, Boardwalk Empire. Few shows beyond this and Breaking Bad were quite as effective at making us need to see what happens next.

4. Senna by Paul Johnstone – Tonight’s art comes via Reelizer, the meticulously curated collection by R.E. Tinch. It’s a comic rendering of one of my favorite docs of the year (and upcoming Blu-ray release), Senna.

5. The Nicolas Cage Paradox – Unsung Films continues the everlasting exploration into the endless wonder that is Nic Cage.

6. Katy Perry’s Essential Katy Perry-ness – The Village Voice’s Karina Longworth unravels all the mysteries of the busty bubble gum pop starlet and her new 3D teenage dreamaganza.

7. Badass Movie Archers – A list, that of course includes Legolas.

8. A Nerd is Not a Geek – Linda Holmes at NPR places multiple spins on that new Spider-Man movie. Have you guys heard of that one?

9. Danny McBride is f*&kin’ in – He sits down with HitFix to tell us all about what the *&%&, #$^% and *&#$ is going to happen in season four of Eastbound and Down.

10. Prepping an IMAX theater for The Dark Knight Rises – Because when Christopher Nolan brings the thunder of over 100 minutes of action in the world’s largest film format, you’d better be ready:


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