Movie News After Dark: Original Joe, Anvil 2, That Idiot Damon Lindelof, Game of Thrones, Mondo…

Movie News After Dark: Original Joe, Anvil 2, That Idiot Damon Lindelof, Game of Thrones, Mondo, Mega Millions, Hunger Games and Battleship Titanic

What is Movie News After Dark? It’s the calm, both before and after the storm. It’s the thing that keeps you warm just before you slip into a night’s slumber. It’s the movie news, editorial links, audio-visual stimuli that you yearn for all day long. It’s the alpha and the omega of what’s happening in the world of entertainment news. It’s also quite playful.

We begin tonight with a new shot of Bruce Willis in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, in which he plays Joe Colton, the original G.I. Joe. It’s hard to argue with the facts: that man knows how to look cool holding a gun, even if the gun in the hands of Adrianne Palicki (seen behind him) is far more badass.

Grantland has a great sports/film intersection interview with Doug Smith, the real life hockey enforcer whose life was inspiration for the Sean William Scott led film Goon, a film that this very site has praised on several occasions.

At, Jeff Bayer explores the marketing behind Mirror Mirror and whether ads help or hurt a movie. It also helps when the movie is good, I’m told.

Those of you who have long been disappointed to never get a sequel for This is Spinal Tap! are soon to get the next best thing, a sequel to Anvil! The Story of Anvil. Except for the fact that Anvil is a real thing and the conceit of their sequel is their quest for world peace, which they believe can be won by playing a concert in Israel, where their song “Show Me Your Tits” takes on new meaning.

Dustin Rowles at Warming Glow has written a very fun response to Damon Lindelof’s Hollywood Reporter op-ed about the season finale of The Killing. I have no idea what he’s talking about in That ‘F – ing Idiot’ Damon Lindelof Defends The Killing Season Finale because I’ve just now begun watching the show, but I still found the article entertaining.

Get ready, people of the Westeros. Screenrant presents 5 Things to Know for Game of Thrones Season 2. Hint: something something dragons.

/Film’s The movie blogosphere’s resident poster guru Germain Lussier has a great piece entitled The Mystique of Mondo and How It’s Changing the Face of Movie Posters. In it he explains some history behind Mondo and details what has been a fair meteoric rise in the past few years. If you’ve ever even considered buying a movie poster, this one’s a must-read.

We’ve been fans of the folks at Short of the Week for a long time, as we find in their short film curation efforts a kindred spirit. They also write things, it turns out, including this great piece, Has Hollywood Lost Its Way?, a colorfully graphed look at a trend we all know is there. What’s missing is the criticism of you, the audience. Because Hollywood won’t change until the numbers turn the other way. And the people spending money on films are the only ones who can turn those numbers around.

Speaking of movies that weren’t made in a glossy Hollywood factory that you should absolutely see at the earliest possible moment, The Red Band Project presents 5 Reasons to See The Raid. Did I post this link earlier this week? It’s possible. Either way, read it again. Then see The Raid, again.

Over at the newly relaunched Gordon and the Whale (sans Gordon and The Whale), Brian Kelley has relaunched one of my favorite little columns out there, Your Netflix Instant Weekend. It’s not just that Kelley puts together movies you can see right now that go with movies heading into theaters, it’s that his depth of film knowledge is above reproach. That man has seen a lot of movies,good and bad, so that you can skip right to the good ones.

CinemaBlend’s Katey Rich asks, If You Won the Mega Millions Jackpot, What Huge Movie Would You Make? Everyone together now: Bioshock.

At /Film, Jordan Hoffman presents a list of The Best Movies Loosely Based on Fairy Tales You Probably Haven’t Seen, including a look at Jerry Lewis in Cinderfella. Now there’s a memory best left in the “you probably haven’t and never will see” category.

And now, a series of images, moving images and soundtracked things that will make you happy. Up first from the folks at the newly launched ScreenCrush, some Shaun of the Dead themed LEGOS:

Next, Gizmodo has unearthed some amazing footage of cutting-edge robotics from the 1992 production of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Tubular:

The folks at Super Punch have unleashed a series of gorgeous Bond Girl posters from artist Michael Gillette. My favorite, of course, comes from one of my all-time favorite films, Dr. No.

Also in the realm of awesome posters, College Humor (via FirstShowing) has put together this series of propaganda posters from The Hunger Games. Their not all humorous, as the originating site may suggest, but they are all neat.

And finally, someone decided that it was a good idea to mash-up the upcoming Summer blockbuster Battleship with James Cameron’s penultimate summer blockbuster Titanic in a trailer simply called Battleship Titanic (the dubstep edition).

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