Movie News After Dark: ‘Girls’ Star Allison Williams Gets Her Own Superhero Movie Rumor

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Tonight on Movie New After Dark, you know you’ve made it when you become part of the rumor mill for a distant, not entirely in-production reboot of a superhero franchise. If only I could get my name in the hat for the 2020 reboot of Blankman

  • Allison Williams, because superheroes – No, I did not pick tonight’s top story because Girls star Allison Williams is absolutely gorgeous and worthy of a large, well-researched photo. Get your minds out of the gutter. This Josh Trank (Chronicle) directed Fantastic Four reboot is important (mostly because it gives Fox the opportunity to right some horrific wrongs). The fact that Williams is said to be on the short list to play the Invisible Woman, Sue Storm. Alright, I can see it.
  • Film critics and The 20-minute rule – I don’t subscribe to this particular rule, but this CriticWire article is an interesting read. My policy: I don’t walk out of movies. And if I did, I sure wouldn’t write a review. Perhaps a “Here’s Why I Walked Out of _____” article, but certainly not a review. You deserve better than that, dear readers.
  • How true is Pain & Gain? – Not all that… seems to be the answer.
  • Prepare for Streamageddon – A number of great titles are leaving Netflix this evening, along with (possibly) the ability to rank your Instant Queue. Seriously, Dr. No
  • A better Kickstarter campaign – These two guys want celebrities to donate money to their fund for seeing movies, creating a weird cycle. I’m for it.
  • IMAX in your home – The IMAX company has announced that it will begin offering a service where you can buy an IMAX theater for your home. If you’ve got $1–2 million dollars, you can have the full IMAX treatment without having to sit next to a stranger. Unless you have strangers over to your house a lot, which I suppose happens here and there.
  • Speaking of IMAX – We close tonight with this killer new IMAX poster for Star Trek Into Darkness. Did you know that 30-minutes of the Trek sequel’s runtime was shot with IMAX cameras? I didn’t know that exact number until Germain at /Film told me. So I learned something today. Good job, me.


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