Morgan Freeman Can Cross Co-Starring in ‘Last Vegas’ Off His Bucket List

Last month it was reported that Dan Fogelman’s long-gestating script Last Vegas was finally going to be put into production. After several stops and starts, the story of four aged friends going to Vegas for one last crazy bachelor’s party was said to be going forward with Jon Turteltaub set to direct and Michael Douglas signed on to star. That was what we knew for sure – who would be signed to fill out the rest of the film’s wrinkly but still rocking quartet was up in the air.

Early reports had Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken rumored as being likely candidates for two of the characters, and since that time De Niro has indeed become confirmed, but nothing further has been said about Walken’s involvement. Today Deadline Greenwood has some new info regarding the film’s casting process, and how their scouring of Tinsel Town’s old folks homes is going. Apparently veteran actor and all around suave fellow Morgan Freeman is currently in negotiations to join the cast. This can only be seen as a terrific choice, because not only is Freeman a recognizable name who can pull off anything that’s asked of him, but he’s also already got experience being in an old-guys-doing-stuff movie because of his work in The Bucket List.

If those early rumors were true and Walken is still a strong contender to take on the role of the fourth reveler, then that would make Last Vegas a project with enough star power to have some real box office potential; even if it isn’t necessarily aimed toward the demographic studio execs most covet. Could Last Vegas be the movie that does for old dudes what Bridesmaids did for women? Only time will tell, but it seems like they’re really making a go of it over there in the casting room.

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