Monica Bellucci is One Hot Witch


Monica Bellucci has been making this world a bustier and more beautiful place for 44 years.  It’s hard to imagine a hotter 44 year old woman.  Lucky for all of us she’s been cast in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice as Veronica, who appears to be a busty, beautiful, dress wearing woman, who is possibly and probably a witch of some sort.  Although technically the film is calling them “sorceresses” to be politically correct.  Lame.

Also on the lame scale – she plays Nicolas Cage‘s long lost love.  I’ll defend Nic Cage in a lot of areas but this dude is not hot enough to be pulling down primo-tail like Bellucci or Jessica Biel (Next).  Hopefully Bellucci’s character spends a lot of time breathing heavily in a low cut dress and very little time interacting romantically with Cage, because otherwise my day dreams are going to be gross instead of sexy.  Check out the pictures below and start breathing heavy yourself, then pop over to Just Jared for a little mo’ info.


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