Mixtapes for Movies: Netflix Announces Flixtape

Netflix wants you to edit your perfect playlist. In a new video, complete with instructions, the big red streaming service is launching Flixtapes, which lets you build custom playlists of movies and TV shows for you to share with friends, family, or you could Lloyd Dobler it and play that list on a tablet that’s being held over your head as you wait for the girl of your dreams to look out her window to notice you. Just a thought. You can send Flixtapes to anyone, but should you?

Let’s not mince words: A mixtape is an art form. A good mixtape is like a perfect album, it has highs and lows, each in a perfect balance and both used with a surgeon’s precision. A bad mixtape is a slap in the face that can invite scorn and riducle that can and should last a lifetime. A good one, you’re a king, a bad one, and I’ll never trust you again. As a member of Gen-X, we grew up on mixtapes, it was how we shared music.

As VCRs crept into more and more homes, film geeks like me turned finely honed mixtape skills to videotapes. It wasn’t songs, it was movies. We would put the VCR on SLP and record hours of footage, building double and triple features, NIGHTHAWKS, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, and TANGO & CASH was a favorite. Flixtapes is kind of a blend of those two types of lists. I get what Netflix is doing, it wants to be a social tool to advertise their shows instead of just scrolling through your viewing options. Clever, but be careful. Playlists are nothing to take lightly. I kid. Kind of.

This could be your new addiction.

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