Mission Impossible III: Trailer

I am very excited to bring to you the official trailer for one of the early summer movies that is gaining some significant excitement: Mission Impossible III, starring none other than Mr. Katie Holmes and Scientology Poster Child himself, Tom Cruise. Just click here, or click the picture to the right to view the trailer.

The movie looks like it carries over the excitement and special effects that were prevalent in the first 2 films, but what really excites me is seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman as a bad guy. For some reason he has the innate ability to portray a psychopath with such ease.

This latest Ethan Hunt laden installment also co-stars the prosaic Keri Russell, Big Fish‘s Billy Crudup, and Matchpoint‘s Jonathan Rhys-Meyers who got to have on-screen relations with Scarlett Johansson… lucky! All in all it seems to be a solid cast, directed by Alias creator J.J. Abrams. The only question is can Abrams out wit and out “Woo” John Woo, who directed MI part duce? I leave you to ponder.

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