‘Miss Bala’ Trailer Will Tape Cash To Your Stomach and Threaten Your Life

While at Cannes, our own Simon Gallagher called Miss Bala, “a blend of situational horror and politically-laced action thriller that I’d have no trouble recommending to anyone.” As a Briton, that’s the most excited he can legally get.

The film from Gerardo Naranjo focuses on a young woman named Laura (played by Stephanie Sigman) who is entering the Miss Baja competition with a friend. When thugs shoot up the place and leave her alive, she finds herself in the quicksand of the drug cartel world where she’s in near constant danger.

The film is also a social comment on how bad things have gotten in Mexico, told with the kinetic language of bullets and desperate situations.

Now, you can check out the trailer for yourself:

Miss Bala sees limited theaters on October 14th.

Would you go see it?

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