Mike Myers to Explore Daddy Issues in Austin Powers 4

Austin PowersRemember back to a time when you first saw Austin Powers and all the jokes were funny? Then you went to see the second movie, and it was still kind of funny? By the third you really wanted to see if Beyoncé could hold her own in a movie, and while it may have been entertaining, you couldn’t help but feel déjà vu?

Mike Meyers isn’t done yet.

According to reports over at Deadline Hollywood Daily, Mike Meyers has started writing a script for a fourth installment in the Austin Powers series at the request of New Line Cinemas. Though no details are finalized, the movie is said to be focusing on Dr. Evil and his relationship with his son Scott. (Remember, he turned evil at the end of the third movie).

What is most weird about this proposal is Meyers claims that this script is “loosely” based on his own relationship with his father.

Um, okay then…

Does this make Meyers an evil twisted individual with visions of grandeur, or is he saying that his father repeatedly tried to hold the world ransom for “One Billion Dollars!” (Sorry I had to).

With the success of the previous Austin movies and the Shrek trilogy, Meyers has some big box office draw. However, his latest movie The Love Guru tanked at the box office, leaving some to wonder if Mike Meyers has run out of funny power. There are only so many times the space ship joke can work, and one has to wonder if Austin Powers 4 will have anything original.

Would you see a fourth Austin Powers Film?

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