Mike Judge Has a Show You’re Not Watching and A Movie No One’s Seen

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by Bethany Perryman


As our two stalkers know and the rest of you are about to find out: Film School Rejects World Headquarters is located in Austin, Texas. As such, we really like to pimp out Austin people and Texans in general. (Also, a preliminary staff poll seems to rate “Beavis & Butthead” as the third most inspired cartoon and fourteenth most highly quoted television series at the HQ. This preliminary staff poll, by the way, consisted mostly of Dr. Abaius pulling his T-Shirt over his head and asking for TP for his bunghole. He got some.)

Aside from the Texan angle, we just really love all things Mike Judge. He’s a great guy, makes funny cartoons and films, and gave us an excuse to beat the hell out of that fax machine. So when this short Comic-Con interview showed up over at TV Squad, we thought we’d ask you to check it out. We also want to hear from you if you’ve watched his cartoon “The Goode Family”. Is it …Goode?

Some highlights from the interview:

Q: All of this started with Beavis & Butthead. Do fans ever ask you to revisit those characters?

A:It’s the first question I get from anyone. And, there’s been talk of a second Beavis & Butthead movie. I’d be open to it. It’s just a question of finding the time. I still enjoy those characters as much as the fans do. It was the credit that show brought me that allowed me to do King of the Hill.

Q: It’s buried in a bad time-slot, so The Goode Family is also struggling to find an audience. Would that show have fared better at Fox or Adult Swim?

A: Maybe. It doesn’t feel like ABC was the best home for it. But the people who get it really seem to like it and are finding ways to watch it. When the show premiered, the reviews were either positive or “this isn’t the time to be making fun of (politically correct issues).” We didn’t expect the press to come after the show as though these topics were off-limits. In a sense, those reviewers were the people we’re making fun of on the show.

Q: Now that Extract is headed to theaters, what’s next on the movie front?

A: Like I said, people are still asking for another Beavis & Butthead. And, those same people who didn’t think Office Space would work are asking me to do Office Space 2. I wouldn’t do either one unless we had a good idea, but you never know.

There are a few more questions and answers over at TV Squad.

Office Space 2? Damn, does it still feel good to be a gangster?

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